Killing Cancer

Rapid & Reliable Non-invasive Cancer Screening.

It’s the year 2019 and women are being subjected to Pap smears, where cells are scraped from their cervix to test for cervical cancer. Our client developed a medical device to quickly detect for cervical cancer, with increased accuracy and no scraping. Obstetricians have enthusiastically and rapidly adopted the use of this device. 

Blockdrop developed the medical interface and associated technology that doctors would use to interact with the device. It’s simple, it’s revolutionary and it saves lives.

A revolutionary medical device that detects and prevents cervical cancer

  • 01. Research
    How do you design a new device interface in a country where doctors aren’t accustomed to relying on technology? Our biggest challenge was understanding how doctors would interact with the application. Qualitative research revealed doctor’s here need more than just a system for interacting and tracking these device results.
  • 02. Design
    Cervical cancer AI detection features were wrapped in encompassing scheduling and patient record tracking capabilities to serve customer needs. The application, seamlessly integrated with the detection device, gives doctors an all-encompassing solution to screen for cervical cancer in the field, without internet, or in the office.
  • 03. Develop
    A short 3-month deadline for this web app meant tight integration of design and development to launch on time. Our teams worked together seamlessly to provide our customer with a beautifully designed, and perfectly functioning product, ready for doctors to schedule, test, and accurately predict cervical cancer.

Healing the World
with a breakthrough cervical cancer screening device





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