Photo Booth

We love tech installations

  1. Send Text
    Text “Cricket” to the phone number on the photobooth.
  2. Trigger Booth
    We trigger the photo booth.
  3. Set Timer
    You have three seconds to strike your silly pose.
  4. Flash & Text
    Your picture is taken and texted to you.

We Love Design

We brought our penchant for beautiful design to this project. What better photobooth than a giant iphone? Our 6 foot tall iphone was the most popular stop at the brand new Cricket Wireless store opening.

We Love Simplicity

Is there anything simpler than holding the photo in your hand? We automatically text it to you. This way the photo is yours to save, share or delete. Simple, clean, and easy.

We Love Challenges

Bring us your unsolvable problems and we will use the latest technology to find a simple solution, from blockchain to VR. And, we always put a bit of AI magic in every digital experience we build.





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